Closing things out in Ratass, journey to the human kingdom

Back at Town—Ratass

Jenni Died, but was brought back. Lord Broderick was the nobleman whose son we saved. Jenni was yon babe-sittour.

Dunn is the one serving.

Some people are wearing magic armor at the tavern tent.

Day Two in Town

Lady Alpeen invites Sp and me to breakfast. She’s the highest ranking elf attending. Lord Broderick thanks us again—invites us to come after breakfast.

Lady Alpeen wants us to head to Galdandra. So does Lord Broderick. To see King Vanna!

The boy is Duncan, son of Broderick. A whiny, stupid child.

Journey to Humancity

Met Kikree, halfling shopkeep, in some town. Useless as a peddler, but may have been hiding something. Stayed the night in town.

Got attacked by needlefangs the next day—killed guard 1 (to the bone).

Four day journey.

Day One at the Fortified Manor

Ten miles from the old oak and Clem, we reached a series of switchbacks which led up to the manor. After dispatching some guards (and picking up a new piece of armor for yours truly), we proceeded to the mill in the rear of the property. There we found a rickety-stair trap and a storage house full of rats. I took their skins and some organs for ritual components.

We found the boy, but killed Jenni in the process.

“Feed me and I shall grow. Give me drink and I shall die.”

Day Two in Ratass

I woke to discover the High Council stuck a letter in my spellbook (love that trick), calling me to their tent. Elzuun should be there…

Spendeltar is still drinking, and also seems to have received a note.

I’ve been sent on a year of sabbatical? Then I am to return to an Arcanum in a human city. Received a scrollcase with letter of recommendation.

Chased a kidnapper, burned a tent, and got run out of town.

Ran into old Clem in the woods. Found out we were being framed for starting a war. Turns out a rich guy came into town to hire kidnappers. Holed up in a manor home or a mill by the stronghold. Guesses that the boy is in the manor home.

Day One in Ratass

After arriving in Ratass, Spendeltar had a hankering for some type of gourd-confection. Mid-purchase, the boy selling the gourds was dragged away by a wolf. Spendeltar, some half-elf farmer, and I chased it into a thicket where three goblins lay in wait. After slaying the pathetic goblins and taking their pathetic possessions, we returned the boy to his father. The half-elf turned out to be a warrior named Jenni (this might change?). We were awarded gourds and huge pumpkins as a thank-you, which seemed ludicrous, until a local baker transformed the pumpkins into pies. A lovely idea, I must admit. I will commit the taste to memory. Adding a hint of pumpkin to any beer entices me.

The baker also crafted Spendeltar’s precious gourdcicle or whatever it was called. Now we may have time for a few hours’ rest before the evening’s festivities.


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