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And so you have begun your adventures through Urth, believing yourselves to be rogues but acting the part of Heros! Already our adventurers have saved a nobelman's son from a most greusome end, and now they are off to see the king! Where will this adventure take them, in a land on the brink of war, and a distant continent left unexplored. Only time shall tell. 


The Geography of Urth

You find yourself on Urth, the only planet known to you in the Heavens, beneath a golden sun, and a pair of blue moons. Urth is privlaged to be home to many great beast of land, sky and sea. And many more plants. 

Two continents are known to Urth: your homeland of Geerool and the under explored eastern lands of Lonelaas. Between the two great land masses lie untold smaller islands,  speckled and clustered throughout the oceans like stars in the sky. These islands are home to thriving exotic societies, and to empty expanses of abandoned gull nests. 

On Geerool one can find all of the civilized races, some with large societies, and others splintered into small factions, or individual traveling parties. Central along the eastern coast you will find the human kingdom of Galandra, jewl of the Coast. The kingdoms southern lands are buffered by the expansive Inar Swamp. Further inland one will travel through forrests and into the fertal plains. 

Traveling further west still, across the Rifshank River, which flows from the Drumbler Mountain Range to the north, you will find yourself in the Eladrin occupied forrests of Pinswitch, home of Kala Zalune, the city of Emeralds.  


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 The Societies of Urth


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